Episode 4: Jiangashi A-Go-Go

In our fourth episode, we discuss Christmas, Good Endings, horror, and Asian literary genres. We also make total asses of ourselves in the end trailer again. Stay a while and listen.

Group Submissions:

Josh - Short Film Rough Draft

Doug - The Planet Without Christmas Outline

Liam - Goblin P.I.

Max - The List

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Episode 3: The Planet Without Christmas

In our third episode, we discuss Villainy, Batman, overseas racial expectations, and Christmas in space. We had some audio trouble this episode, despite upgrading our microphone solution, so we'd like to apologize for any intermittent clicking. We did the best we could to reduce it.

In any case, enjoy!

Group Submissions:

Josh - Malcolm Hatt Outline

Liam - DeathWriter 2

Doug - Sleepy Hollow Outline

Max - Widderland

Books Referenced:

Movies and TV Referenced:

Episode 2: Second-Hand Memories

In this episode, the gang talks about used books, conceptualizing a story, outlining, and worldbuilding. Enjoy as we wrap-up by creating a sweet little tale about an unlikely hero who just wants to know the truth.

Group Submissions:

Josh - Malcolm Hatt Worldbuilding Notes

Liam - No More Bad Weed Kisses

Max - Job Insecurity Second Act

Doug - Sleepy Hollow Updated Outline

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Episode 01: The Friar of Callowick

In the inaugural episode of Bad Storytellers, the gang introduces themselves and critiques each others' works, discuss films, and compose a trailer for one of the best movies you'll never see.
Come hang out with us for a bit.


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