Episode 09: Mother Superior

In this episode, the gang is one lighter, as Max was home with Aldeberaanian Flu. We talk about cynicism, snobbery, and Rocky IV. Josh turned in the beginning of Chapter 2, and Liam turned in a very sexy piece. The episode wraps up with what may be our most fun trailer yet.

Group Submissions:

Liam - Wine Colored Socks

Josh - Chapter 2 - First Half

Show Notes:

Big Motherfuckin' Crab Truckers RPG

Penny Arcade comic addressing "Cautious Optimisim."

Arnold Schwarzenegger loses it on an old TV show:

Nazi Mustache scene from Kung Fury:

The Twilight Zone - A World of His Own:

Hard Truths with Doug - How to Fix Michael Bay's Ninja Turtles:

13 Hours Trailer:

Rocky IV Driving Montage:

Books Referenced:

Films Referenced: