Episode 16: Cannon Saga

After two weeks apart, the gang gets back together to discuss our ignorance of Tumblr's mechanics, Batman v Superman, and what kinds of things make a story Dieselpunk. Josh turns in a preview of Chapter 4, Liam does some worldbuilding, and Max gives us a naval battle.

Group Submissions:

Josh - Malcolm Hatt - Chapter 4

Liam - Kennings

Max - Charles Sinclair

Episode Notes:

Books Referenced:


Harry Potter

My Side of the Mountain


The Postman

The Uplift War

Master and Commander

Horatio Hornblower

Moby Dick

Egil's Saga

Saga of the Volsungs

Njal's Saga

Films Referenced:

Heaven Adores You

The Man From Uncle

Daredevil: Season 2


Agent Carter

Pee Wee's Big Day Off

Batman v Superman


The Town

Gone Baby Gone


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

After Earth

Black Swan


The Mouse Who Roared

Second Hand Lions

The Fall